• Watch out for your kids and pets. Kids and pets get excited for new places (if traveling) or guests at home. Keep your home as safe as possible by being alert for dangerous foods (allergic), drinks, household items, toys, choking hazards, etc. Don’t wait to clean up after a party. Kids and pets can get into hazardous situations with food, drink, and decorations. Remember, Poinsettias are poisonous to people and animals so keep them out of reach of all. Don’t leave food sitting out so, refrigerate to keep bacteria at bay.
    Be alert for fire hazards. Most residential fires occur during winter, and it’s much easier to get careless when you are caught up in holiday festivities. Never leave fire or heat unattended. Never use charcoal or gasoline fueled devises indoors.
  • If you are decorating your house for the holidays: Assemble, clean and inspect the location where decorations are going to be placed. Never block exits. Never use damaged accessories, electrical cords, lighting sources, etc. Never overload electrical outlets or cables. Make sure your holiday lights are in good working order prior to placement. All outdoor electrics should be plugged into GFI (ground fault circuit interrupter) for extra protection. Always choose non-flammable decorations no matter the holiday! When going outside, no matter the season, dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Check and prepare the fireplace for use. It never hurts to have a chimney sweep clean your fireplace chimney prior to the season. Never burn gift wrapping paper in a fireplace due to the possibility of a flash fire. Keep all objects a few feet away from the fireplace. Always use a good sturdy metal fireplace screen.


  • Always plan ahead for any trip. Have an alternate route in case of weather issues. Let a trusted friend or relative know your itinerary and contact info. Never let strangers know your travel plans. Create an illusion at your house that someone is always home (lights on timers, etc).
  • If you’re driving: Never drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or distractions. Always wear your seat belt. If possible, travel during daylight hours. Driving at night can be much more dangerous and always more difficult to see. Keep a breakdown kit in your vehicle (spare tire, jumper cables, fuses, flares, flashlight, blankets, etc.)
  • If you’re flying or using public transportation: Travel with friends or family as there is safety in numbers. Always travel with a trusted source like a travel agency, airline, or bus company that you know and trust.
  • Don’t carry very much cash and valuables. Don’t look like an expensive target.


  • Avoid smoking or second hand smoke.
  • Drink and eat responsibly.
  • Stay active. Get exercise and plenty of rest. This will help with de-stressing the holidays.
  • Wash your hands frequently. The holidays are usually the time of year when colds and flu hit.

Most of All – Enjoy Yourself! Happy Holidays!!!

Holiday Safety Tips