MTRMA Highlights


If you know of any qualifying IL trucking companies in search of workers compensation with an experienced risk management program, please complete the form below!       MTRMA Referral Program

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

SAFETY TIPS FOR PREVENTING INJURIES: ASK FIRST! - When meeting an unfamiliar dog, don't reach out to pet them. "May I pet your dog?" GET PERMISSION - With permission, let the dog sniff your closed hand, then pet her shoulders or chest. DON'T TOUCH - Don't touch a dog...

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April Appreciation Drawing Winners

Congratulations to the following MTRMA members! RIVERA ON-POINT LOGISTICS LLC DARRELL RING TRUCKING THINNES TRANSPORT, INC FREIGHT PRO INC ADAM TURNER  It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that we would like to thank each and every member of MTRMA for the...

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