Our MTRMA Claims Team has over 55 years of combined experience in the transportation industry. The team has been trained to handle claims aggressively, thoroughly and promptly while controlling costs and maintaining high ethical standards. We encourage and empower our team members to recognize and understand the value–added aspects of effective client service.

Claims Team

Please contact the Claims team with any questions.


Teresa Summers

Sr. Claim Supervisor


Susan Denhart

Sr. Claim Consultant


Janet Reffett

Sr. Claim Consultant

Claims Reviews

MTRMA claim consultants perform claim reviews for members.


iCE (Internet Claims Edge) — a powerful claim analysis and reporting tool that makes accessing your data as transparent as it sounds. With iCE, you can view all of your claims by type, date-of-loss, a long list of powerful, user-defined filters, or drill down to view any claim in detail, including the adjuster’s notes. With iCE, you will know everything we do, and, you can view it anyway you want. To access iCE, click > here.

Loss Prevention Team

Please contact the Loss Prevention team with any questions.


Dean Chiz

Sr. Loss Prevention Consultant


Kit Kirby

Loss Prevention Consultant


Ric Wozniak

Loss Prevention Consultant

Loss Prevention

Finding Profit in Prevention

MTRMA Loss Prevention team has over 25 years of combined experience in the transportation industry. The team will work with members to customize their loss prevention services that will lower the members risk while improving safety on the job.

MTRMA Loss Prevention team will partner with each member in order to provide customized safety videos, safety posters as well as safety training specific to the member needs.

Loss Prevention provides many different services to the MTRMA member.

Underwriting Team

Please contact the Underwriting team with any questions.


Missy Dokey

Account Manager – Underwriting


Stacey Greene

Underwriting Technical Supervisor


Heathre Smith

Underwriter I


MTRMA has a dedicated Underwriting Team with 35 years of combined experience that provides careful evaluation of new and existing members. It is important that the integrity of underwriting is there for the longevity of the MTRMA program. Underwriting is a continuous and critically important part of MTRMA management.

MTRMA underwriting team understands the demands the transportation industry has on trucking companies and will respond with a high sense of urgency.